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Wound Seal #2350


 Wound Seal logoStop Bleeding Instantly


New WoundSeal Powder (from QR Logo- same powder technology)

Wound Seal Package 

  • WoundSeal is an effective, complete one-step treatment for bleeding wounds - helps get athletes back in the game fast
  • WoundSeal is clinically proven to stop bleeding in seconds
  • WoundSeal  forms an instant scab to seal the wound and help prevent infection; scab falls off naturally as the wound heals
  • WoundSeal is proven safe
  • WoundSeal  is non-toxic, hypo allergenic, not biologically derived and does not enter the bloodstream

WoundSeal Pour Pack - For easy to reach wounds

  • WoundSeal new easy to use Pour Packs
  • WoundSeal powder can cover any shape wound
  • WoundSeal now includes 50% more powder per application
  • WoundSeal instructions come in English and Spanish
  • WoundSeal comes with 2 applications per package

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