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Red-Z Body Fluid Solidifier #7796


BODY FLUID SOLIDIFIER, Red-Z, powder, deodorizes/solidifies spills, 5 oz



HART #7796, Red-Z Body Fluid Solidifier, 5 ozRED-Z Solidifier is designed to make cleaning up body fluids safer and a more controlled procedure. Red-Z is a unique and fast-acting encapsulator, which quickly solidifies blood and other bio-fluids makes handling, transportation and disposal a safer process. 


Red Z Body Fluid Solidifier  

Red-Z powder is an easy to use chlorine-based solidifying powder for the clean-up of potentially infectious and harmful blood-body fluid spills.  

  • Deodorizes
  • Chlorine based
  • Solidifies body fluid to avoid slashes  
  • 5 ounce bottle 

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