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Pain Relief Medications  

Our pain relief medications have exceptional quality ingredients and time tested formulations at a substantial savings compared to Cintas and Zee Medical.

HART has been in business since 1976 manufacturing and distributing one of the most extensive lines of pain relief medications, industrial first aid kits and immediate care medical supplies. Our products are of the highest quality with special attention to every detail of production including function, appearance, packaging, and labeling.

Assorted Pain Relief Medication  Buffered Aspirin   - Triple buffered aspirin in a coated tablet. Easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach for pain relief. 

Aspirin   - The pain reliever proven trustworthy over decades of use. Effectively eases pain and inflammation.  

Ibuprofen   -  The prescription pain reliever ibuprofen in an over-the-counter strength. Especially effective for backache and muscular aches in an easy-to-swallow smooth coated tablet. 

Cetafen Extra® -  The maximum strength dose of acetaminophen pain reliever in an easy-to-swallow coated caplet. 

Cetafen®  -  Acetaminophen pain reliever comparable in quality and strength to other advertised brands at substantial savings.

Exaprin® - A special multi-ingredient formula which provides exceptional, fast relief from pain. Contains three proven pain relievers and caffeine for enhanced relief.

Backprin® - effectively relieves most minor back pain symptoms quickly and effectively. Its multi-ingredient, sugar-free formula helps reduce inflammation, calm muscle spasms and relax back tension.

Fem-Prin® - A menstrual relief medication to alleviate the pain and fatigue associated with PMS.

Nutralox® - A tasty mint flavored, chewable, sugar-free, sodium-free antacid for the temporary relief of heartburn and indigestion.

Electrotab® - Effective heat stress relief and electrolyte replacement tablets. Aids in the prevention of heat fatigue and muscle cramps.

Sudo-Tab PE® - Now with the active ingredient Phenylephrine, an alternative to Psuedoephedrine, at a substantial savings. Dependable non-drowsy relief for nasal and sinus congestion. 

Histaprin® - Relieves runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and itchy throat due to allergies. This antihistamine compares to Benadryl. 

Cetafen Cold® -  A new special non-drowsy formula containing and extra-strength dose of Acetaminophen, the pain reliever for non-aspirin users, combined with Phenylephrine, a non-drowsy nasal decongestant.

Loperamide HCl - caplets are for the effective treatment of diarrhea. Relieves diarrhea often in just one dose.

Therastat® - Menthol eucalyptus or cherry cough lozenges for soothing relief from coughs and sore throat pain.

Thoracol® - Honey lemon flavor throat lozenges have menthol for cough and sore throat relief at substantial savings.

Safety:  We provide full disclosure labeling (meeting all FDA requirements) in contamination-free unit dose packets, on all medications. This means each unit dose has detailed product information clearly printed on its packet. This information includes: dosage, warning, lot number, expiration date, and ingredient strengths. This assures that your patient or employee has complete information both on and off the work site.


Quality: Our medications are of exceptional quality, manufactured to meet exacting specifications and packaged for maximum shelf life. Compare them side by side with other advertised brands to see the quality, then try them to test their effectiveness. Best of all, they're priced substantially lower than other advertised brands or route services.


Convenience:  Our Unit Dose Industrial Pack Medications offer distinct advantages to you and your employees. They decrease absenteeism and increase productivity by helping keep your employees feeling good and on the job. They also provide a quick, clean, convenient way to provide medications in the workplace.


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