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Hart Lens Cleaning Towelettes #7927


HART LENS CLEANING TOWELETTES, pre-moistened, individually packaged, 5 x 8", 100 per dispenser box 


HART #7927, Lens Cleaning TowelettesHART Lens Clean Towelettes 

Each packet contains one 5" x 8" heavy-duty Lensclean tissue pre-moistened with Lensclean anti-fog, anti-static cleaning solution. Cleans non-coated glass, polycarbonated, and other plastic lenses, increasing the life of safety glasses. Useful for all kinds of eyewear, including safety glasses, prescription glasses, goggles, visors, and face shields. 100/box.

  • Safe to use on glass and plastic lenses  
  • Silicone-free  
  • Ready-to-use, gravity-fed dispenser
  • Contains 100 foil packed towelettes 


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