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Emergency Eye Wash - Eye Clean™   


Remember They Have To Last A Lifetime!


Eye Safety - Remember they have to last a lifetime!2,000 eye injuries happen everyday on the job.

About 1 in 10 injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from. Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10-20 % will cause temporary or permanent vision loss.


Nearly one million Americans have lost some degree of their sight due to an eye injury. More than 700, 000 Americans injure their eyes at work each year. Experts believe that the right eye protection could have lessened the severity or even prevented 90% of eye injuries in accidents.


What are the common causes of eye injuries? 

  • Common causes for eye injuries are:  
  • Flying objects (bits of metal, glass)  
  • Particles  
  • Chemicals  
  • Harmful radiation  
  • Tools  
  • Any combination of these or other hazards  

How to prevent eye injuries

Select protective eyewear that is designed for the specific duty or hazard. Protective eyewear should meet the ANZI standard Z78.1 as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health dministration.


HART, Assorted Eye Wash BottlesPlan for an Emergency

Set up first-aid procedures for eye injuries. Have eyewash stations that are easy to get to, especially where chemicals are used. Train workers in basic first-aid and identify those with more advanced training.


HART Eye Clean™

HART Eye Clean is a sterile, buffered, flushing solution that helps remove particles from the eyes and relieve irritation from the eyes and skin. HART Eye Clean is available in five sizes to conveniently fit in all first aid kits and cabinets. The special tip on the squeeze bottles allow the user to direct individual drops or a full stream of fluid in the eye for effective particle removal. Two larger sized pour bottles help dilute acid and alkali burns on the skin, and can also help relieve eye irritations. 



Item #

Emergency Eye Wash & Supplies 



1/2 oz., Sterile irrigation solution, 2 per box, disposable   



Salinaax Eye Wash, 1/2 oz single use bottles, 6 per box 



4 oz., eye irrigation solution, squeeze bottle with cap 



Refill, Eye Clean, 16 ounce  



Refill, Eye Clean, 32 ounce   



Refresh Plus Drops, eye refresher, 0.1 oz, 30 per box  



Eye Pads, With adhesive strips, sterile, 4 per unit  



Eye Cups, plastic, non-sterile, disposable, 6 per vial  



Emergency Eye/skin & Body Wash Station 



Eye Clean Station Only, Metal  



Safety Glasses  



Z-Tech Safety Glasses  



Venture II, Pyramex, Mirror Tint Lens w/Black frame, Anti-fog  



Venture II, Pyramex, Clear Lens w/Black frame, Anti-fog 



Venture II, Pyramex, Grey Tint Lens w/Black frame, Anti-fog  



Lens Cleaning Solutions  



Visionaid Lens Cleaner 16 oz, silicone-free, anti-fog & static   



Visionaid Pump for 16 oz Lens Cleaner  



Visionaid Disposable Lens Cleaning Station  



Visionaid Lens Cleaning Station  



Lens Cleaning Tissue, 760 per pack  



HART, Lens Cleaning Towelettes, 100/box  


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