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"Hemorrhaging accounts for 39% of civilian trauma deaths."

Trauma is a stressful event and varies in intensity. BleedArrest can control severe bleeding until a patient is transported to a hospital where further care can be administered.

BleedArrest is bleeding control for the treatment of severe externally bleeding lacerations. This advanced, biocompatible, natural biopolymer revolutionizes the way hemorrhaging is treated.


BleedArrest CP (Clotting Powder) is a new hemorrhaging and bleeding control technology that is changing the way medical professionals are stopping bleeding in seconds.  


Severe bleeding and hemorrhaging, whether it be from gun shots, stabbings, nosebleeds, shootings or car accidents, first responders and medical professionals around the world are turning to BleedArrest Clotting Powders.


If you have the potential for severe bleeding at your workplace, whether from a forklift accident or from machinery, you should have BleedArrest in your first aid cabinet.

BleedArrest CP is a Natural Clotting Polymer used for treating severe lacerations in many emergency situations. BleedArrest CP is ideal for cuts that may require suturing later. BleedArrest CP is safe for children and adult's cuts and scrapes. The clotting process is unaffected by perspiration or moisture.

It is recommended to apply BleedArrest CP directly to the wound covering the entire area and any blood surrounding. Firmly apply pressure with the palm of your hand for at least 3 minutes allowing a protective scab to form. BleedArrest is packaged sterile and must be discarded after opening.

BleedArrest™ Clotting Powder: Assorted BleedArrest Packaging

  • Stops bleeding in seconds 
  • BioSafe 
  • Non-allergenic 
  • Non-Bovine 
  • Non-Burning 
  • Effective 
  • Safe 
  • Easy to Use 
  • For Bleeding Emergencies 
  • Effective in extreme temperatures 
  • Lightweight 
BleedArrest Application Bleed Arrest Application
Apply BleedArrest directly on wound. Apply direct pressure for 5 minutes. Bleeding will stop and allow you to transport victim to an Emergency Room for medical treatment.


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