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A basic strip bandage can't protect every injury, so Pulse America offers a variety of shapes that fit and protect better because they stay on better. If a bandage doesn't fit right it limits dexterity and productivity can suffer.


Quality and Economy: Designed to meet the demanding needs of today's work environments, HART's quality adhesive bandages offer exceptional durability, comfort and value.


Convenience: All HART's adhesive bandages are packed in dispenser boxes designed to give quick, convenient access whether used in a kit or first aid cabinet. These adhesive bandages are sterile and have non-stick pads that protect the wound and promote fast healing. Easy to apply, HART adhesive bandages come in many styles and shapes to meet virtually any wound care need.


Flexible Elastic Cloth: HART's light woven elastic cloth adhesive bandage is designed for superior comfort and flexibility. All HART elastic cloth bandages have strong adhesion to stay on even with perspiration, while resisting water, oil or grease, and dirt.  


Light woven elastic strip adhesive bandages for temporary minor wound protection.

  • Non-stick wound pad  
  • Light woven elastic cloth  
  • Sterile bandages
  • Convenient dispenser box 

Sheer Strip Plastic: A more economical bandaid that promotes comfort and fast healing.

  • Protect wounds from dirt and germs  
  • Promotes easy removal  
  • Sterile; long-lasting adhesive 
  • Convenient dispenser box
Description Per/Box Item# Price
 Adhesive Bandage, 1" x 3" 50/Box  1009  $1.96
 Adhesive Bandage, 1" x 3" 100/Box  1011  $3.54
 Butterfly Closure, medium 20/Bag  1080  $1.42
 Mini Strip Bandage, 7/8" x 1.5"  50/Box  1005 $2.46
 Strip Bandage, Blue, 1" x 3" 100/Box  1067 $5.92
 Strip Bandage, 1 x 3" 50/Box  1071 $3.42
 Fingertip Elastic Bandage 40/Box  1072 $3.08
 Large Fingertip Elastic Bandage 25/Box  1073 $4.06
 Knuckle Elastic Bandage 40/Box  1074 $3.36
 Large Patch Elastic Bandage 2" x 3" 25/Box  1075 $3.88

Assorted HART Bandages


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