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Accident InvestigationEight accidents occur every minute in companies throughout the United States. Accidents cost you money, lost production, increased insurance premiums and workers compensation problems. Accidents also affect employee moral, HR issues arise and new or additional training is required. We haven’t even started on the law suits and liabilities.  


In addition to OSHA compliant training programs, Pulse America offers accident investigation services. Our investigative satff includes a retired Air Force accident investigator and veteran police detectives.


Pulse America investigates to find the root cause of the accident and what can be done to eliminate the problem in the future. Identifying the root cause is only part of the solution. In order to minimize future issues you need to look at all aspects surrounding the event and then take the appropriate actions to either eliminate or minimize the hazard.


Pulse America works with you and helps solve these problems by providing safety audits, observations, trainings and investigations. Our preference is to identify and fix your safety issues before there is an accident. Proactive is a lot less expensive than reactive. If you do not have the resources for a safety dept, we have the experience and personnel to provide a custom program for your company.




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